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Natural Horse Equipment made by Tori Jones
Reins, Halters, Training Lines, and Lunge Lines

Products: driving lines, rope reins, rope halters for Natural Horsemanship

Tori Jones, a bit of background....

My girls both rode regularly and I was always helping them out. When my youngest was old enough to do all her own horse stuff, I realized that I really missed the activity. My friend prompted me to the next step, saying "Tori you need a horse of your own". I came across a yearling for sale, and thought he was so cute. Being too green to know the work involved, I bought him. You can imagine what I was saying after I bought him- it was anything but isn't he cute. I looked through all the training articles I could to find on how to deal with this youngster.

I researched many articles about training youngsters through Natural Horsemanship, and became fascinated with this training method. I found a clinician, Marion Wiesskopff, who not only showed me how to deal with my young horse, but she had rope equipment to do the job.

In my search for Natural Horse Equipment, I was unable to find a 12 foot training line anywhere. So, in 2002, I started making my own. I like to make my own halters because I know they will fit and the loop reins that you buy are usually the assembly line size, but we know that horses come in all sizes and so should the equipment.


Talk To The Horse with natural horse equipment made by Tori Jones

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